• Interview with A New Media Writer: Mez Breeze

    Please introduce yourself to the NMWP audience. Hi All. I’m Mez Breeze, otherwise known as Netwurker, Netwurker Mez, Gossama or a string of other avatar names, including “ms post modemism ” and “aeon”. I’ve been working with[in] the genre of new media [as one of the early practitioners in the field] for a while now, […]

  • Calling all students!

    The Student prize for 2014 is amazing: a three months paid internship at the top e-learning developer/provider, Unicorn Training. If you win the Student Prize you will be able to discuss your role with Unicorn’s CEO, Peter Phillips. Your work might include: scripting short video stories that are used at the front end of on-line courses […]

  • We are good to go…

    We are good to go! Our fifth year of celebrating amazing interactive multimedia storytelling is now in progress. We are open for entries. Please have a look through the site for info on the competition and what we are looking for. The address to send your entries is entries@archive.newmediawritingprize.co.uk  Good luck!